Preschool Activities

BayKids currently has two great activities on offer for toddlers in Tauranga!


Gym Gility
Tumble Time

Gym Gility is a free-play group to help get your child ready for sports. Learning to ride a two wheel bike, bouncing, kicking, balancing, strength building and more. Gym Gility is suitable for two to five year olds and is a ‘step up’ from Tumble Time.

Tumble Time is a preschool playgroup to help stimulate and socialise your young one. On offer is trampolines, bouncy castle, moon hoppers, scooters, trikes, bikes, balls, balancing, gymnastic equipment, road mats with matchbox cars, mega blocks, colouring in, music, little tykes cars and much more!

Other great Bay Venues programmes for preschoolers in Tauranga!

Aquababes Swimming Lessons
Soak and Splash

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